Welcome Letter by the President

The modern nation-states are marked by their diverse political and religious history, institutions, and needs. The legal systems in these countries have therefore evolved over the decades in keeping with their specific history and needs.

Post the two world wars, however, the resolutions and treaties proposed by the United Nations were adopted by numerous nations, leading to at least somewhat uniformity in legal practices in these countries.

In India, many archaic laws of the British era continue to have their legacy even today. Even recently enacted laws and its judicial interpretations leave much to be desired.

As lawyers, it is incumbent on us to preserve and protect the rule of law, not just in letter but in spirit as well. We are to interpret the laws passed by the lawmakers, and challenge all those that violate human dignity. With a vision to contribute to the evolution of a modern and more relevant legal system in India, I invite the legal fraternity to join hands and participate in realizing IFA’s mission.