About Us


The mission of IFA (Indian Faculty of Advocates) is threefold:

(1) to meaningfully augment the knowledge of law in a global context,

(2) to strengthen the integrity of legal profession, and

(3) to enrich the institution of justice.

Our mission would be pursued primarily through imparting world-class legal education and training to students and lawyers worldwide in various branches of law as well as co-related sciences, arts, and literature. IFA is keen to establish its regional centers and campus as well as International Law Convention Center.

The IFA and its academic team, including faculty, will design and offer rigorous training and learning programmes in collaboration with bar councils, bar associations, and law universities/schools.

Additionally, IFA-Lawcity will also provide legal advice, research, and consultation services.


The IFA is ventured by IFA-Lawcity Foundation. Shri Pravin Vakil is the Founder President of the institution, who supervises the day-to day affairs, from inspiration and under the guidance of promoter-members. He is an Advocate with a standing of 34 years at Bar including 25 years in the High Court of Gujarat.He had numerous occasions to assist the Apex Court in multiple cases. He is well acquainted with administrative and constitutional laws, foreign policy laws, and interpretation of statutes. He is determined to contribute meaningfully in the field of research, advancement, and training in the science of law for lawyers.

The IFA is to achieve its objectives by the Executive Committee with great freedom and powers.

The objectives of the institution as set out in its memorandum are related to the modern science of law and related branches to provide advanced study and research to the lawyers and others who are connected to the field of law.


IFA-Lawcity Foundation believes in encouraging and fostering a culture of autonomy, accountability, intellectual honesty, personal responsibility, and academic freedom.